Jack Wheeler

Jack Wheeler is a woodworker and sculptor based in North Norfolk.

Inspired by craft traditions and wood cultures from around the world he is passionate about exploring the possibilities of working creatively with locally grown timbers.

Having worked on a variety of projects over the years, the focus of his practice has recently moved towards the design and making of wooden tableware and sculpture.

Jack Wheeler studied fine art sculpture at Norwich Art School. After graduating in 2003 he set up a workshop in rural North Norfolk and has since continued to study and develop a diverse skill set all within the orbit of traditional woodworking. 

In tandem with recently setting up a new workshop, Jack has begun to explore working on a smaller scale using only locally sourced wood. The focus of his practice has moved towards the design and making of wooden tableware alongside sculpture.

Inspired by craft traditions and wood cultures from around the world - Jacks work champions the use of locally grown timber and seeks to give pleasure and meaning through a direct connection with the natural world and the hand of the maker.

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