Collection: Seagreen Soap

Lindsay first came across the benefits of olive oil based soaps while living in Turkey. Recipes had been handed down through families, possibly dating back to the ancient Babylonians who first mixed ash and fats together over 2800 years ago.  She watched & learned as groups stirred massive pots of olive oil, mixed them with alkalis & produced little blocks of 'sabun'.

Lindsay had always been interested in natural products and her background in horticulture gave her knowledge of the benefits of plants and botanicals and the ability to grow and harvest them.

Returning to the UK in 2010, she started her own journey into cold process soap making. The first batches felt like pure alchemy, there was a feeling of magic as blocks of soap were released from their moulds, but of course it's only chemistry.

Now with over 10 years of experience Lindsay has developed her methods and created a range of moisturising soap & shampoo bars. She continues to work on new blends and recipes using the finest natural ingredients here in Norfolk.