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Woolly Comforts Sheepskin Rug

Woolly Comforts 

Located in Suffolk, Woolly Comforts have been sheep farmers for over 30 years and added the diversification of selling their own and local lambskin rugs in 2015. 

The lamb they produce is sold to local butchers and restaurants in Suffolk and Norfolk. They start the first stage of the tanning process ourselves, then several times a year, make the trip to Dartmoor to the tannery ( Britain’s oldest tannery still operating!) - and from there the skilled operation of tanning the rugs is completed, a further 2/3 months of work. 

The cream , natural lambskin rugs are from our Suffolk and Charolais flock. We also have Norfolk Horn sheep as well as a small flock of Zwartbles . 

Meeting and chatting to customers at various events and shows throughout the year gives us the opportunity to promote British farming and its countryside - something of which we are truly passionate about . Our sustainable rugs come along with a great deal of pride and passion, and we hope that they are truly loved in their new homes up and down the country! 

‘Woolly Comforts…with love from the Suffolk Countryside’