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Contemplating Scale 'Rose' mobile
Contemplating Scale 'Rose' mobile
Contemplating Scale 'Rose' mobile

Florence Logan

Contemplating Scale 'Rose' mobile

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During a period of global confinement, Florence, like many others, has been consistently soothed and inspired by the sheer scale and beauty of our natural surroundings. Nature's capacity to generate a multitude of positive emotions is broadly recognised, reducing fear and stress and promoting feelings of calmness, joy and creativity.

This mobile, part of a limited collection represents Florence's attempt to inspire that sense of calm and perspective within an interior setting. 

Each unique sculpture is created using gently curved lengths of 3mm bronze rod. Every orb, hand cast in resin, varies in form and incorporates a handful of sand from one of Florence's favourite natural spaces. 

The little lady, who completes the sculptural story, is a treasure found in a local flea market and cast in bronze.

Approximate maximum dimensions:
50 x 35cm

Resin, sand, bronze rod and bronze casting.