'Norfolk's mine' unframed print

Paul Wolterink

'Norfolk's mine' unframed print

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‘Norfolk's mine’ is a visual ode to Norfolk. Radiating a certain proudness and positivity about our great East Anglian county.

The ‘Norfolk'smine’ print revives the nostalgic blue identity of the ‘Norfolkline’. A familiar image in our streetscape. Widely seen on cargo ships, ferries, trains and lor- ries. But sadly enough since 2010 evaporated from our North Sea horizon.

To Paul this Norfolkshine print is a connection between my home country The Netherlands and Norfolk. ‘Norfolk Lijn’ was founded in Holland, in the county where he was born. In the late 50s a Dutch trader in vegatables, L. Remeeus, wished to have his vegetables quicker in England and started to sail directly between Scheveningen and Great Yarmouth. Faster than the traditional route Callais/Dover.

Print: 500 x 230 mm