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Sally Nencini

Dapple Horse Cushion

Dapple Horse Cushion

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This knitted lambswool Dapple Horse cushion by Sally Nencini features a sleepy eyed dapple horse with flowing mane and tail.

Designed and made in Sally's studio in Norfolk using double thickness 100% lambswool yarn, it has a black zip fastening and is stuffed with a duck feather cushion pad. Can be used as a cushion or pillow on your favourite chair, or to decorate a bed. 

Size; approx 40 cm x 30cm

Please note this is a handcrafted product and there may be small variations in size and colour.

100% double thickness lambswool and filled with duck feather cushion pad.

Care; Hand wash cover as you would a jumper, remove any marks as soon as possible with cool water.



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