the chemists daughter kitchenware eco food bowl covers
the chemists daughter kitchenware eco food bowl covers

The Chemists Daughter

Eco food bowl covers - set of three

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Eliminate plastic food coverings in your fridge with cotton food bowl covers by The Chemists Daughter. This set of 3 washable covers is perfect for covering salads, leftovers, and anything you might want to put in a bowl! Printed with a modern design to complement the traditional phrase of "waste not, want not."

Bowl covers are made from unbleached calico cotton fabric (non-stretch) that is 100% recycled, with an elastic edge using eco-elastic made from natural rubber and organic cotton, making it entirely biodegradable, and an easy swap for a more sustainable kitchen. Each cover is screen printed by hand using non-toxic inks, heat sealed to help protect the print from fading and making it washing machine friendly, and finished with a hand printed label, and elastic ends covered with a cotton tab.

Bowl covers can fit the following:

  • Large - 25cm maximum diameter
  • Medium -23 cm maximum diameter
  • Small - 18cm maximum diameter