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the chemists daughter embossed print
the chemists daughter embossed print

The Chemists Daughter

Embossed print - Marpesia

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A modern abstract design transferred onto fine art paper by hand embossing. This process involves the pressing of paper fibres gently from the reverse of the paper through a template designed specifically for this purpose, which results in a raised pattern on the front.  In this case it is the surrounding negative space that is raised, thus making the pattern itself sunken.

Named "Marpesia'" after the Amazonian queen who ruled with her sister "Lampedo", this is part of a range of designs inspired and named after Greek mythological females.  A sister print is also available in a separate listing, with the same pattern being raised rather than depresssed.

The image is embossed on offcuts of high quality textured Somerset printmaking paper, making use of materials that would otherwise be discarded.  These offcuts are perfect on the front but may ha e the occasional blemish on the back, totally invisible from the front.

Numbered limited edition of 8 prints. 

333 cm x 17 cm