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Geranium & Waterfall Bloom luxury scented candle 200g

Geranium & Waterfall Bloom luxury scented candle 200g

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Hand-made 100% soy candle made with pure essential oils. Hand crafted to create a light sweet floral fragrance with a freshness of a waterfall. Long lasting fragrance throw. Relax and refresh your home with this beautiful essential oil candle.

Our Geranium essential oil has been derived from the Pelargonium Graveolens, a plant native to South Africa. Used by Ancient Egyptians for its therapeutic and beautifying properties. Geranium oil fragrance is known to induce feelings a calm and grounding emotions.

Available in a 140 grams 1 wick candle and a 430 grams 3 wick candle. 

All candles supplied with:

Secure seal metal lid 

Complimentary matches

Eco Friendly, Vegan, Recyclable Gift Boxes

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