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High TIde Quilt
High TIde Quilt
High TIde Quilt

Lyn Ayres

High TIde Quilt

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Lyn Ayres considers her quilts creative and practical artworks.

This blue and white quilt reflects the colours and movement of the sea as the tide ebbs and flows.

The quilts began as a way of recycling clothing and fabrics to make gifts for friends and family. Throughout her career as a practicing artist Lyn has had an interest in ‘make do and mend’.

Lyn works with colour and fabric exploring pattern cutting and stitched construction. Fabric sources alway include a mixture of recycled and new materials. She tries to work with natural materials such as cotton and linen but also feels that the recycling element of the process makes the use of some mixed fibres acceptable. The starting point of the design can be anything from a landscape to an object.

Lyn begins to collect fabrics together to reflect her ideas and works on the sewing machine to produce an initial pattern repeat. As she starts to work she finds that the design evolves throughout the construction. When the quilt top is completed it is layered using recycled sheets as a backing and then hand quilted with simple running stitches to enhance the structure. 

140cm x 200cm approx.

Mixed fibres with upcycled fleece wadding and repurposed sheet backing with navy cotton hand quilting detail.