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Seagreen Soap

Lemon Grass & Tea Tree Shampoo bar

Lemon Grass & Tea Tree Shampoo bar

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Mediterranean organic olive oil and organic coconut oil, with jojoba oil hydrate and strengthen hair follicles and scalp . Essential oils energise, heal and stimulate growth, promoting a healthy hair and scalp.

TIPS for USING: If you are using an all natural Seagreen Soap shampoo bar for the first time, it may take some time for your hair and scalp to get used to it as it goes through a period of “detox”. It takes a while for the chemicals that have built up on your hair to be washed out and your scalp may also take some time to get back to producing its natural amount of sebum again. During this time your hair may feel “gunky”, greasy, dull or drier than usual. Please persevere – it’ll be worth it!

Wet your hair and rub the bar over the hair to create a creamy lather. You will need to use plenty of water. If you feel there isn’t enough lather, just add more water!

A combination of organic Jojoba, coconut and olive oils nourish, cleanse and rehydrate all hair types. Lemon grass and Tea Tree oils are astringent, stimulate the scalp and naturally protects. A light and spicy fragrance.

Kelp seaweed helps to hydrate, protect and exfoliate your skin, moisturising, energising and promoting a healthy scalp.

In hard water areas a dilute vinegar rinse may assist the transition to natural shampoo bars

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