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Patchouli and Wood luxury scented candle 430g

Patchouli and Wood luxury scented candle 430g

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Patchouli and Wood  luxury scented 3 wick candle by Elsie&Tom is made from 100% Natural Soya Wax. A luxurious home fragrance made from an indulgent blend of essential oils of  Bergamot, Patchouli,  Vetiver and Cedarwood. 

Earthy and musk tones of Patchouli and the woody scent of Cedarwood combined with Vetiver to sooth the mind and Bergamot to give a subtle citrus middle tone.

Also Available as a 200 grams  candle. 

burn time

140g approx 20-25 hours
200g approx 30-35 hours
430g approx 40 hours


All candles supplied with:

Secure Metal Lid

Complimentary matches

Eco Friendly, Vegan, Recyclable Gift Boxes

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