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Bird on the Buddha

Rectangular Wayney Edge Spalted Ash Milk Stool

Rectangular Wayney Edge Spalted Ash Milk Stool

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Made from a local ash tree felled for safety reasons, this piece from Bird on the buddha has been shaped with hand tools and a lathe. The inspiration for this piece comes from the wood itself. The front edge of the seat is naturally shaped by the bark of the tree and is called wayney edge or live edge. The grain pattern and colour of the seat is created by spalting, a sought after natural process caused by interaction of fungus in the drying of the wood. The fungus is now dead but leaves behind stunning patterns and colours enhancing the attractiveness of the wood. Traditional joinery methods have been used to secure the tapered, ash legs into the seat and then firmly fixed with an oak wedge. Linseed oil is used to nourish and protect the wood.

Height 24cm x width 36cm x 27cm. 

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