Creating the retail space at Make Holt

Creating the retail space at Make Holt

As we start to create a retail space within The Shirehall we want to retain as much of the character as possible and introduce fittings that work with the fabric of the building. Flexible, moveable units, tables and fixtures that can be moved around, hanging places that don't detract from the textures and allow the makers' work to be shown off to best effect. 

I wanted to work with a local paint manufacturer and chose Fenwick & Tilbrook Paints which are made just down the road in Attlebridge. I chose LOAM, a deep earthy organic shade of brown for the exterior shop front and ceiling in the shop  - my original plan was to paint the newly plastered wall (the only smooth wall in the place) with AURORA SKY the dark greeny blue tone of the sky around the light show -but on seeing the delicious earthy pink tones of the fresh plaster I just couldn't bring myself to paint over it, sorry SImon! RED SQUIRREL on some of the wooden shelving units provides a lovely harmonious tone of terracotta that works well with the brickwork. We're also planning to paint the exterior when the weather improves, love SCOTCH MIST, a clean pale blue grey that works really well with Loam.

shop exterior before..

... and after, featuring Fenwick & Tilbrooke 'Loam'

I've always been a big fan of upcycling and mixing old and new and we have explored mixing industrial and building materials in their purest state. Floorboards became repurposed into table tops and hanging shelves, a grid system of rebar reinforcement steel provides us with a flexible space to display lighting, mobiles and plants and brings a smile in its juxtaposed position on the ceiling. 

We felt a mixture of the old and imperfect would be offset by clean contemporary fittings in plywood and that would act as a backdrop to the makers' work.  Industrial style lighting from Industville provides ambient and topical lighting in the space.

footnote November 3rd..

With only two days to go until opening day we have just discovered that due to Covid 19 legislation and as a non-essential retailer we are unable to open until early December. We are obviously really disappointed but appreciate the reasons for doing so and look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful new space when it is safe to do so! 

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