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Opening Day!

At last! we are open, after an agonising month of not being allowed to trade as a 'non-essential retailer' we opened our doors.. look forward to welcoming you soon! 

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Creating the retail space at Make Holt

As we start to create a retail space within The Shirehall we want to retain as much of the character as possible and introduce fittings that work with the fabric of the building. Flexible, moveable units, tables and fixtures that can be moved around, hanging places that don't detract from the textures and allow the makers' work to be shown off to best effect. 

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Peeling Back The Layers

As we peel back the layers of vinyl wallpaper, false ceilings and commercial carpeting, we've been finding unexpected beauty and textures in the Shirehall building which is soon to be the new home of Make Holt.

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