New Maker: Laura Huston

New Maker: Laura Huston

Studio potter living and working in North Norfolk, meet Laura Huston, our latest maker in the shop.

After a career in Film Art Departments, Laura moved back to Norfolk in 2013 to settle down, raise her family and pursue a new creative output in her studio.

Inspired by all manner of textiles, drawings, painting and nature's constantly changing display – Laura's work explores subtle variations of form, massing, texture and colour.




From functional dishwasher safe tableware; like plates, cups and bowls to standout statement pieces like sculptural lamps and vases – Laura's unique style morphs and moulds to whatever subject she turns her hand to.

Most of Laura's creations are twice fired in an electric kiln and finished with a range of slips and glazes. However, some pieces are made using a process called 'Sgraffito' [SCRA-FEE-TO]. Translated from Italian means, "to scratch". The surface of the clay is scratched away when the clay is hard to reveal the natural clay colour below. The outcome is a beautiful textural contrast resulting in a colouration as unique as the form.

in the Kiln

Although each item is completely handmade and unique, certain processes, glazes and slips are replicated creating matching collections.

However, in pursuit of similarity the kiln gods sometimes have other ideas – perfectly explained by Laura:

“There is a common theme but many pieces are unique due to spontaneity in the making and chance events in the kiln. Consequently some pieces are unrepeatable. But it is this unknowing alchemy and freedom that excites me and often drives the work in new directions. I can then concentrate on refining ideas into pieces that are both beautiful and functional.”

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