Earthstone Ceramics: Texture & Tactility

Earthstone Ceramics: Texture & Tactility

Jamie Walker is a former chef turned self taught potter living and working in Norwich. Captivated by clay and its limitless capabilities for creating form, Jamie primarily works in stoneware with a range of brushwork glazes and etchings to create pieces attested to his unique aesthetic – highly textured and tactile pieces.

It’s always so exciting to welcome a new makers’ work into to the shop. Especially when we then get to watch new and returning customers enjoy Jamie’s work for all the same reasons we wanted to stock it in the first place.

We first fell in love with the oh-so-tactile wabi-sabi style of Jamie’s collection, allowing the process of making and creating to happen freely – always trusting the outcome. Often embellished with etching, each piece feels as unique as it’s form.

While this interpretation may not adhere strictly to the traditional definition of wabi-sabi, the spontaneous energy evident in Jamie's work often aligns with the essence of this aesthetic concept.

Wabi Sabi

If you’re new to the term, wabi-sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy. The philosophy is deep rooted in Taoism and Zen Buddhism. Whilst we often crave direct translations of such wisdom, (un)fortunately it isn't possible in this case — you simply have to 'feel' your way to a place of Wabi-sabi.

For us it is a concept that embraces the beauty of imperfection. It celebrates the authenticity and transience of objects, appreciating their natural flaws and simplicity. Enjoying a process as much as it’s outcome – again – reflected beautifully in Jamie’s Earthstone ceramics.

The Perfect Vessels

Designed with the objective to bring handmade uniqueness into your hands and home, enhance your decor and punctuate your meal times – these gorgeous stoneware beakers deliver on all three promises.

Alongside gorgeous drinking vessels, we’re also stocking both decorative and functional tableware; stunning bowls in a range of sizes including very sought after high sided ramen bowls.

With more work arriving soon, keep an eye on our instagram as well as the Earthstone Ceramics page here on our online shop.

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