Gifts for Wellbeing

Gifts for Wellbeing

Danish and Norwegian word “Hygge”; describing a cosy, contented mood evoked by comfort and conviviality. This week we’re leaning back into this with gifts to make you feel goooood. Check out for our Gifts for Wellbeing here.

First up we have Civil Block. We see this as the perfect gateway product for a sense of self-care for the person who really can’t seem to grab 5 minutes to relax and unwind! Civil make the most delicious soap ideal for enhancing your daily ablutions. From soaps on ropes, to perfectly moulded bars – all of CB’s products are kind to even the most sensitive skins. Our pick is “Bear Block” – Salted Porridge Soap.

Staying in the field of cosmetics, we also LOVE Nudge Boutique. Based in Norfolk, NB create handcrafted, artisan hair and skin care products using locally sourced ingredients. All their formulations are designed to gently nudge your skin to a place of nourishment. It’s hard to pick, but a firm favourite can be found in their Geranium & Lavender whipped body butter.

Theresa’s pick: DO/ Walk/

Keeping our strong theme of recommending, the excellent, @dobooksco; our very own Theresa has jumped on the band wagon with her pick for our theme of wellness.

“Getting moving and getting outside are so important for wellbeing. Finding the motivation and space when the nights are drawing in and the mornings are still dark calls on something extra”

So, as chapter 2 suggests, help someone find their momentum and give the gift of inspiration to get outside in nature. DO/ WALK/ and the rest of the DO range are here.

Next up is Elsie&Tom. Their staple product are these beautifully wrapped scented candles made by founder and perfumer Emma. All made from 100% natural soya wax and only the purest grade essential oils, we have a huge selection available in-store and online. Shop Elsie&Tom here.

 Made in small batches to ensure quality, Elsie&Tom have also diversified into a range of soaps available in-store.

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