Hygge this Autumn

Hygge this Autumn

As the Summer begins to draw to a close, there is no better moment to start nest building ready for Autumn just like this little dormouse  or doing some batch cooking with the final crops of summer. [Print by the Pepper Press below]

This Autumn, we're all about the Hygge.

What is Hygge?
Now popularised around the world, Hygge is a word in Danish and Norwegian word that describes a cosy, contented mood evoked by comfort and conviviality. As with all feelings, achieving the coveted status of ‘Hygge’ is a personal thing. For us it’s all about creating an environment, both in space and in mind, where you are calm, peaceful and relaxed.

Getting your Hygge on doesn’t have to cost the Earth, here’s our quick guide to getting started this season:

1. Feel Inspired with a Good Read
Check out our extensive range of “Do” books. Beautifully designed inside and out, each book is written by an expert - an innovator, disruptor or change maker. These very-readable, portable and digestible books draw from the authors unique experience, wisdom and inspiration. Last week we headed to the coast with "Do Pause" and was just the tonic. Try something new, with Do.

2. A Great Notebook for Journalling
What better way to connect with your new hobby than making real life notes? Put your phone down and disconnect from screens for a while. Enter Judith AKA The Book Studio and Andrea Girling with the most beautiful notebooks, sketchbooks and journals. “Multi-disciplinary” is a phrase now used so often, but perhaps never more suitably than when considering the range of skills needed to deliver such tactile and ergonomic pieces.

3. Candles & Home Fragrance
For some the holy grail is for their home to smell completely neutral. For us, there’s nothing nicer than opening the door after a long day and being hit with delicious aromas instantly evoking a sense home. We stock a super range of home fragrance by Elsie&Tom available to test in-store. Right now we're loving Patchouli with added hints of bergamot and cedar wood.

4. Snuggle Up with Our Newest Maker
Welcome to Make Holt, Laura's Loom! We've long wanted to stock blankets, but not just any blankets, we needed provenance, traceability and high quality. Laura has been making for over 30 years, initially as a hobbyist but now a full-time award winning designer. We're absolutely thrilled to be stocking her blankets, now available to buy online: Laura's Loom Collection.

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