Aviva's Top Christmas Pick(s): Glowood + Nipper & Moo

Aviva's Top Christmas Pick(s): Glowood + Nipper & Moo

Continuing with our team picks, next up we have Aviva, founder and curator of Make Holt. With her incredible eye for detail, you know any pick of Aviva's is a bonafide best-buy. 

Of course, asking Aviva for a favourite piece from a maker in the shop is like picking a favourite child. However for your benefit (yes you reader), when really pushed, she did commit to selecting a top pick this Christmas.

Enter Nipper & Moo shades paired with Glowood hand-turned wood lamps.

This is a 1-of-1 Iroko trumpet lamp complete with a simple linen shade. Using a warm bulb, the light emitted is soft and seriously cozy. Ideal in either modern or period settings – these lamps will last for generations to come. Think heirlooms for the future that you can enjoy today.

Glowood: Turned Perfection

Matt Garlick is a self-taught turner making everything from complete light fittings and lamp bases, to candlesticks and unique Christmas decorations — Matt works almost exclusively with reclaimed and foraged woods from Norfolk and nearby. His work celebrates natural [im]perfections by allowing each piece to develop it's own personality on the lathe.  

Nipper & Moo: Rolled Shades

Hand rolled lamp shades with a hint of nostalgia created in North Norfolk by Sarah Garlick. Using rich, vibrant natural linens and limited edition vintage fabrics from around the world, Nipper & Moo shades make for stand-out statement pieces. Sarah also makes commission shades in various sizes and fabrics to order; inspired by past work or fresh client ideas. 


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