The Maker's Table

we invite you to meet the maker, hear their creative stories and select hand crafted items for the giving season, made locally and with meaning.


Saturday 6 November
10am - 4pm


Glowood has a preference for finding wood that's been long forgotten. Be it languishing in a garden shed, part of a piece of unrepairable furniture or foraged from a hedgerow. They take it and breathe new life into it.

They love the natural imperfections of wood. As it dries and responds to its environment the colour changes and the form shifts. This is nature’s response to their work. If it cracks, so be it, it was meant to happen. they embrace it.

The workshop is next to their house which looks out across the sea. Standing at the door facing North there is no land mass between them and the Arctic Ocean. The ever evolving skies and tonal changes in the sea are a constant source of inspiration.   

Sunday 7 November
10am - 4pm
Steve Gore Rowe

Steve Gore Rowe hand turned wooden bowls

Steve handcrafts bespoke woodware and sculptural pieces from locally sourced hardwoods. Based in West Norfolk, he is influenced by the shapes and textures found in the natural world, as well as his experiences as a Graphic Designer.

He uses combinations of traditional and contemporary woodcraft skills and is continually experimenting with new ideas and techniques, creating decorative and functional products for the home. His most recent work focuses on the natural drying process of wood to influence the final design, celebrating the natural imperfections of the wood.