Collection: Alison Platt

Based in her NR2 home studio Alison is a dyer and weaver crafting the most incredible homeware and accessories from sustainable and carefully selected raw materials. Owing to her spontaneous ‘Saori’-esque technique – wall hangings, shawls, scarves and cushions are all completely one off creations.

Although no two items are identical, Alison’s method of dyeing and weaving means that multiple pieces from the same fabrics and yarns match and pair beautifully – telling the story of the pigment and her process.

Inspired after attending a workshop with our very own Aviva Leigh, Alison works with the most incredible natural dyes created by her own hand, with many pigments foraged from Norfolk (and beyond).

Her spontaneous weave style is inspired by Saori techniques and she works with a variety of materials to create textured weaves. Alison also dyes many of her own materials and loves to work with recycled fabrics to create her distinctive textiles.