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Ethos Magazine volume 20

Ethos Magazine volume 20

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Ethos 20 is a manifestation of the theme, “coming together” – and come together we did, connecting with people across the globe. They spend a vicarious 48 hours in Tunisia with Betty Henderson; learnt about Danish air quality monitor, Birdie, and speak with Alison Tran, founder of The Karma Tea Co., based in Lille.

In a gorgeous photo story, we meet Jodi Ann Bickley, spreading joy – and glitter – worldwide with her handwritten letters. Our Modern Entrepreneur, Olivier Bos, shares the ways in which art and technology are being fused to reimagine screentime for children in Singapore – and beyond. And Turkish chef, Ebru Baybar Demir allows us an insight into how she’s using gastronomy to improve her local community. Plus, we’re lucky enough to have a hero in our midst – and he’s local! – called Timo Tierney, coordinating spaces for community activities from the heart of Liverpool’s Florrie.

All of the stories we’ve gathered in this issue showcase the wonderful people, places and initiatives that have come together to make a positive planetary impact. Our Design for a Better World feature explains how Publicis Kitchen have redesigned the UN logo to better reflect rising sea levels, and our Cover Story talks to food-rescue service, Too Good To Go, as they share how they’re reducing global food waste one pastry at a time.

That’s the soul of Ethos 20; an expression of a kindred kind, a collection of stories of those that have come together to better the world. So grab yourself a copy – and better yours.

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