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Slipcase set of 2 - Two Points East and Curlew Coast

Slipcase set of 2 - Two Points East and Curlew Coast

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Presentation set in a beautiful hand crafted Slipcase with map decoration to the outer cover by Judith Ellis.

Choose from any of Judith's three published titles:

A View of Maritime Norfolk
Have you ever wondered just what was the Hanseatic League? Or what exactly is the difference between a kipper and a bloater? How do you make malt and how do eels get to the Sargasso Sea to breed? The answers to some of these questions can be found in this engaging new book.

Spanning the period from the Anglo-Saxons to the coming of the railway, it is about the boats, the fishing and some of the lives lived on the North Sea coast of Norfolk, from the once world famous herring fishery in Great Yarmouth to the extraordinary rescues of Cromer’s famous lifeboat man Henry Blogg.

Illustrated throughout with Judith’s sketches, painted maps add clarity to the text and red herrings appear all through the pages flagging up interesting facts and generally looking cheerful.

Diversions on Maritime Suffolk
Shortlisted for the Amberley Press Publishing Prize in 2017, Curlew Coast is the author’s second book and it continues the theme of tracing maritime history through the framework of the coastal towns and villages of Suffolk.

It explores a diversity of subjects from rope-making to ship burials; from the coastal erosion to the early navigators and from salt-making to the evolution of Trinity House.

Illustrated lavishly from the author’s sketches, it covers the period from when the Anglo-Saxons first sailed up the East Anglian rivers to when the railway began to take over from sail.


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