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Time to Unwind luxury scented candle 140g

Time to Unwind luxury scented candle 140g

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Time to Unwind luxury scented candle by Elsie&Tom.

Bergamot and Sandalwood create a wonderful fragrance. Sandalwood brings a deep, woody scent with rich and sweet, floral aromas. This base note has been used for generations in iconic perfumes and colognes.

When blended with Bergamot this unique Elsie&Tom Essential Oil Candle is not only a beautiful home fragrance, but it also instils calm to relieve stress and brings a sense of calm to your home.

This is a lightly scented candles graded 3 for scent throw. It is very subtle and not overpowering at all. 

Matt black glass container in gift paper wrap

Also available as a 200g and 430g 3 wick candle in a gift box. 

Approximate burn time

200g 30 hours
430g 45 hours
140g 20 hours

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