North Norfolk Exclusive: Austin Austin

North Norfolk Exclusive: Austin Austin

Yes, you read that right, Austin Austin products are now available exclusively in Make Holt, and we couldn’t be happier.

Who are Austin Austin?

Founded by Norfolk Father and Daughter, Bessie and Richard; Austin Austin epitomises what it is to be an ethical, organic and exquisite bodycare maker in 2024.

Richard has worked with Organics since the 70’s and is also founder of Rainbow Wholefoods and Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste. Bessie grew up eating Organic food and using natural products. Before Austin Austin she worked in design and advertising.

With decades of experience and consideration you can really feel the intent and design in every element of each product, from box to bath.


Organic, organic, organic

All of their products are certified Organic by the Soil Association to full COSMOS standards. This means that every ingredient is traced back to the fields where they were grown without the use of added pesticides, making for healthier soil and more wildlife.


Austin Austin proudly hold organic certification for their full range and is a guarantee that at every stage care is given to reducing environmental impact.

Why we love Austin Austin

Everything above focusses on why their business and ethos chime so well with ours, which is great, but the really REALLY big reason we love AA is because their whole range is absolutely delicious. With beautiful natural fragrances like bergamot and juniper, each product packs a natural scent punch.

Intrigued to try AA? We have a full range of testers ready and waiting for you to get up close and person with.

So aside from totally aligning with our own ethos, as well as the wonderful makers we stock, the product is truly exceptional. Available now.


A little serendipity goes a long way:

Finally, and by complete coincidence, more than one of us had followed @austinaustinorganic on instagram and had been fortunate to be gifted a few items from of their range. It was when this serendipitous-snap occurred we just knew we had to have them here in Holt.

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