Theresa's Selection: Dugout Delights

Theresa's Selection: Dugout Delights

Continuing with our team picks for Seasonal Gifting, below is an abridged transcript with Theresa's selection for this Christmas. Brief. Simple. Clear. This is exactly the sort of recommendation we love!

Q: “Theresa, if someone ran into the shop and needed to buy a meaningful, and beautiful, gift and had no more than five minutes; what would you recommend?”
A: “Easy… A Dugout Pottery cup, creamer and maybe a plate too.”

Q: “Why?”
A: “Because it’s what I’d like for Christmas”

And that, ladies and gentleman, is good enough for us. Of course, even without Theresa’s seal of approval, Carolyn’s pottery is delightfully decorative and infinitely useable making the ideal Christmas gift: ergonomic and beautiful.

Meet the Maker: Carolyn Noble

If you haven't come across Carolyn's work previously, then let us briefly introduce you. Beneath the beautiful big Fen skies, in a small home studio nestled away, if you’re lucky, you might just find Carolyn at her kick wheel.

Creating simple, functional and beautifully tactile pieces, Carolyn finds inspiration from the wonderful farmscapes and huge fen skies that envelop the studio. You can find more of Carolyn's work here.

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