SOLES Collection by Studio Logan Howes

SOLES Collection by Studio Logan Howes

StudioLoganHowes is a partnership between Florence Logan and Ruth Howes. They work with waste wood from the Norfolk furniture making company, Par-avion co.

This collection of micro-sculptures is called “SOLES” and are available to buy in-store at Make Holt. Included in the collection are figures with human form, as well as a few 4 legged-characters.

This is “HUCK"

Each figure has their own predetermined name, in this case, HUCK, only adding to the very big personality carried by these very small forms.

Charming and full of character, these tiny sculptures nod to the broader themes of environment, scale and balance within their larger works, also using off-cuts and waste from Par-avion co. 

We love that these hand-carved figures are not only skilfully created, but also represent the importance of reducing waste and being mindful of our resource impact.

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