Collection: David Flower

Amateur: from the Latin ‘Amare’ - to love. 

21 years as a professional glassmaker has taught David that he is truly an amateur; he does it because he loves it.

David cut his teeth in the workshop of Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing before moving to Sunderland. As Artist in residence, he made sculpture by commission worldwide. Now his work is all about using the material to its best advantage, employing classical forms and gently sculpted shapes in the hope of conveying his simple love of his craft.

David says

I make my patterns like a painter. Starting with a base colour, or wash, and layering on  different colours of glass powders and chips in such a manner as to create the design that I am after. In this manner I try to get the “feeling” of the thing I am attempting to represent rather than a carbon copy. I guess you could say that I paint with hot glass.