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DO/Start Book

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Do Start - How to create and run a business (that doesn't run you) Dan Kieran

Setting out on the entrepreneur’s path can be intimidating. It will not only test your creativity and commitment but push you further than you thought possible. It’s also one of the most rewarding journeys you will ever make. 

Dan Kieran, co-founder and former CEO of an award-winning publishing platform and self-confessed ‘accidental entrepreneur’, takes you through all aspects of running a business: from initial idea to getting started, building a brand, growing a team, raising money and dealing with investors, and perhaps most importantly, developing a founder’s mindset and managing your own mental health. 

When you are unsure of who — and what — to rely on, Do Start will be your trusted guide. Until, finally, you discover that the real win is not the company you build or money you make, but the person you become. 

  • From idea in a pub to profitable, global company, Dan writes from hard won experience
  • Clear, honest advice for anyone starting or already running a business
  • Why a founder’s mindset will get you through pitch meetings and beyond
  • The importance of managing your own mental health and wellbeing
  • Features original artworks by award-winning illustrator Mark Smith
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